JVK Infra Pvt Ltd was incorporated in July 2007 to take up works in Infrastructure development, civil constructions and Hydro power Projects. The core business of the company is in the sectors of infrastructure comprising of Buildings, Roads, Tunnels, Bridges and Energy.

JVK infra executed critical and highly technical works like Railway tunnels of 9.00mts dia in Udhampur-Quazikund-Baramulla railway link project, formation of 12Km hill roads to approach the Bakkal railway station in the state of Jammu and Kashmir for M/s NPCC Limited (a Govt of India PSU). The road work involves 12.00 lakh cubic meter of earthwork excavation with a vertical height of rock of 120.00mts, 500.00mts of road tunnel, 50000.00 cum of wire crates, 7 nos of bailey bridges along with drains, retaining walls, breast wall and culverts which is the toughest road formation in the Himalayan region and highly appreciated by the Northern railway authorities. The company was also involved in massive housing program for Kashmiri migrants at jagthi town, 30Km from Jammu city along with ILFS Engineering and Construction Company.

The company identified Hydro-power potential and entered into the development agreement with Government of Arunachal Pradesh for 155MW. For the self identification of hydro power projects the company has conducted reconnoiter survey and investigation in all the five river basins of Arunachal Pradesh. JVk infra is very much familiarized with the environment, culture and temperaments of the local tribes in the state of Arunachal Pradesh. The roads from Nichipu-Hoj, Potin-ponging were survived during the time of first tendering that is in the year of 2009 by the company and detailed coast estimates, drawings were prepared for submission of tenders along with ILFS. The company also envisaged construction of Hydro power projects in high altitudes ranging from MSL +2500m to +3000m at Kargil and Leh of ladhak region in J&K state. The endeavor of the company is to establish its capabilities in the construction of highly technical and most difficult terrains to have a cutting edge in the construction industry which is growing with rapid speed.

Ongoing Projects