Irrigation is one of the major activities of JVK Infra. The company has demonstrated it’s capabilities in many irrigation projects across the nation. Our other services in this sector includes design, operational control procedures relating to cost and scheduling, centralized procurement and stores, subcontract management and risk management.


JVK Infra has excellent expertise to build Railway Sidings efficiently for both public and private sectors and provide complete turnkey solutions. The services include Civil Infrastructure including earthwork, bridges, tunnels, station building and facilities. New Track laying and rehabilitation of existing tracks.Railway Electrification and power systems.


JVK Infra is taking a major part in connecting Kashmir Valley to rest of the India via India’s Longest Rail Tunnel. The company is expanding capabilities in various tunneling projects across the nation in many sectors like lift irrigation, road tunnels etc.


Quality is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skilful execution. Our efforts in buildings and community housing supported in better urban, social and transport infrastructure of the nation.

Ongoing Projects